“Only 11% of Singaporean employees are ‘fully engaged’ in their work! “

This was revealed in a 2022 study – the number is comparatively lower when we look at the global percentage of 14%. Further research shows that employee engagement in Singapore has been on a steady decline, even since before COVID-19.

  • Employee engagement is crucial for any corporation – only when employees are committed to their work, they are motivated to give their best.
  • Reduced employee engagement leads to decreased productivity in the workspace.
  • A steady decline in employee engagement also points to the lack of involvement from the administration.
  • There are multiple reasons for declining employee engagement but the major one is lack of collaboration in corporate teams.
  • When employees’ requirements are satisfied in the workspace, it leads to better performance.

Why is employee engagement in Singapore a consistent issue? This blog looks at the reasons for employee engagement issues in Singapore and the many ways in which we can help you boost engagement for better performance.

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What Causes Employee Engagement Issues?

While there has been a global downward trend in employee engagement, a few countries like Singapore stand out in the statistics. Why is it this way? Is there any particular reason holding back Singapore?

Before we address the case of Singapore, let us look at some of the common reasons that hinder employee engagement in the corporate field:

  • Lack of Job Satisfaction

One of the major reasons for problems in employee engagement is the lack of job satisfaction. When the employees feel that their job is not providing a comprehensive satisfactory value, they might be demotivated to work.

Lack of Job Satisfaction

  • Unmotivating Work Environment

A refreshing work environment can motivate employees to engage themselves better in their work. This includes regular virtual team building activities, breaks, community check-ins, and other activities.

  • Little to No Benefits

When employees do not get benefits, like enough remote work, team outings, etc., employees might feel disengaged and associate less with their workplace. One way to overcome this is to organize insightful team-building activities and corporate trips.

Reasons Behind Employee Engagement Issues in Singapore

Now let us focus more on employee engagement issues in Singapore and the reasons that cause these issues.

  • Unpaid Working Hours

A report from 2023 states that the average Singapore employee works around six to ten unpaid hours per week. When it adds up to a year, it is a staggering number. This is considered to be one of the biggest reasons for employee engagement issues in Singapore.

Unpaid working hours

  • Rigid Schedules

In the past two to three years, the trend towards remote work has been increasing. Still, many companies hesitate to adopt WFH culture – the lack of flexibility in employees’ schedules contributes to decreasing employee engagement.

Fun Fact: Did you know? When remote work becomes a part of the schedule, employees tend to engage with their workforce more enthusiastically! (Source)

  • Inadequate Team Bonding

Employees consider social activity and team bonding to be a crucial part of their corporate lives. When there are not many activities to improve employee engagement or team building, employees tend to lose interest and motivation.

How Mileage Virtual Helps You Boost Employee Engagement in Singapore

Boosting employee engagement is a process that involves multiple activities and events. At Mileage virtual, we understand the needs of the companies and their employees to stay focused yet also the need to enjoy other benefits as well as engagements.

This is why Mileage Virtual prioritizes virtual and hybrid team building activities for companies to overcome employee engagement issues in Singapore. With remote work becoming more prominent in Singapore, the need for hybrid events and activities is on the rise. Organizing a hybrid event might not be your cup of tea, that’s why we are here to help you!

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  • A study done by Gallup shows that when remote employees feel isolated, their productivity can drop down up to 21%.
  • Some studies also emphasize the importance of company-sponsored activities and the need for a social connection with co-workers for improved productivity and employee engagement.

What we understand from this data is that team-building activities, be they outdoor or virtual, boost employees’ spirits and help them find better motivation. Virtual team-building boasts a wide range of benefits – from improved internal communication to a better company culture, these activities help your employees find the right space to express themselves and work better.

Mileage Virtual offers a wide range of exciting virtual and hybrid team-building activities for corporates. By choosing from our different types of employee engagement activities, you can start improving company culture and help your employees stay more active in the workforce

Why Choose Mileage Virtual for Improving Employee Engagement in Singapore

At Mileage Virtual, you can find industry experts who have decades of experience in organizing events and hybrid team-building activities. Our experts help you plan the most interesting and exciting activities to improve employee engagement in your team.

Before we propose solutions, our team makes sure to read and analyze your company objectives and employee dynamics to come up with the best tailor-made solutions and activities. We also specialize in various kinds of hybrid and virtual events, so it is easy to gain your employees’ attention with our expert services!

Are you interested in boosting your company’s employee engagement? Contact us today and revolutionize your workspace to make it more productive and motivated!