Work from home is the preference among the employees of Singapore now – we are not the ones saying this, data speaks for itself! But why is it that employees prefer to work remotely?

  • It is a common opinion among employees that hybrid and remote work improves overall satisfaction, both in their personal as well as professional lives.
  • An unexpected fact for the people who doubt the effectiveness of remote work – a whooping 75% of employees are less distracted at home while opting for remote work.
  • Many employees agree that one of the main reasons why people decide to stay in a company depends on how well-knit their team is.

Corporations are also focusing on including more virtual activities, events, meetings, and fun tasks to keep employees engaged. Virtual team building activities are gaining popularity because they help create a sense of belonging among teammates and help them stay in touch with one another.

But often, employees also feel exhausted and irritated by these activities – again, it is the statistic that prove this. This happens mostly because of the boring and repetitive activities arranged by the team heads and companies.

So where do companies go wrong? How to make virtual team building activities in Singapore exciting and stress-free? Mileage Virtual is here to help you out!

Planning Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams in Singapore

Planning virtual activities for your co-workers is not just about having fun or playing adventurous games. It is also to get to know your colleagues and teammates well and spend some relaxing time together.

Data shows that many remote employees prefer simple team building activities over tiring or spontaneous ones. If you are wondering how simple these activities are, they are as simple as having a virtual coffee meeting or having remote happy hours.

But before we get to that, let us see what are some of the difficulties faced by employees as well as companies in making virtual meetings and activities fun. After all, getting to the root of the problem can help in solving it easily!

Reasons Why Your Team is Stressed About Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual team bonding activities for your employees are supposed to be engaging and fun – these activities help all the remote employees to come together and work as a team and build values. But when the activities start to get tiresome, employees might start resenting the team. Here are some common reasons why your team does not seem interested in virtual team building activities:

Boring Activities

Often companies include activities and games that are very similar to meetings – asking remote employees to join a virtual meeting only to have hour-long talk sessions is not going to help.

Tiring Tasks

While it is true that employees need fun activities, it should not be tiring. If the tasks are very taxing, employees might feel like the team building activities are an extension of their scheduled work.

Not enough Happy Hours

Happy hours are simple, fulfilling activities – the virtual counterpart of happy hours is also supposed to be relaxing and fun. But usually, companies focus more on goal-driven team building activities, so they skip the essential happy hours.

Lack of Meaningful Interaction

Online meetings and activities are often conducted without much enthusiasm – since a lot of the meetings are not organized, they just end up being either too quiet or too chaotic. Partnering with an experienced firm like Mileage Virtual can help in reducing issues like these!

How to Make Virtual Team Building Activities in Singapore Stress-Free

A 2021 study stated that Singapore was the world’s number one, leading country when it comes to virtual team building activities for remote teams. The highest investments made in hybrid and virtual team bonding activities were made in Singapore. So, team building activities are not new for Singapore employees who work remotely. But how to add an extra element of fun and excitement to this?

Bring in the Fun Element

Instead of opting for long team building sessions, go for fun and exciting activities that you can easily arrange for your team. Even if it happens once a week, fun activities will make the employees more excited about their work.

Add More Adventure

There are hundreds of virtual adventure games that your teams can participate in – adventure and hunt games can help employees bond with each other and have better collaboration and communication.

more Adventure

Give Preference to Simple Activities

Simple virtual team building activities like coffee time, happy hours, virtual picnics, etc can be the best icebreakers. These activities help your employees relax with their colleagues in a virtual space.

One-on-One Interactions

Many online meeting platforms have the option of breakout rooms – you can arrange the meeting in a way that all the team members have a partner with whom they can perform an activity. This will give team members one-on-one time where they can socialize and collaborate.


5 Virtual Team Building Activities in Singapore that are Perfect for Your Team

virtual team building Singapore infographic

1.Virtual Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are the best choice for online team building – after all, who wouldn’t love to collaborate with their teammates to complete a mission? The best part about a virtual escape room is that it can be as long as the participants want.

There are hundreds of escape room platforms that allow participants to choose a theme and the elements of that particular game, giving the option to customize the game as per the team and its experience level.

Virtual escape rooms are a great way to foster collaboration and communication among teammates while also having fun!

2. Virtual Cooking Workshop

Want to have a relaxed yet engaging team time? The virtual workshops are the best way to go about it! Often, employees prefer having simple arts and crafts workshops, but something innovative like cooking works too!

Before you arrange for a cooking workshop, make sure you get your team members’ preferences. Once this is done, you can arrange for a simple yet exciting cooking workshop – this helps employees learn a new skill while also taking some time off their schedules.

3. Breakout Rooms

Are there new members on the team who would like one-on-one interactions? Then, breakout rooms are the best choice! Breakout rooms are not just for discussions and conversations – they can also be used for fun activities!

One great idea for breakout rooms is to divide your team into small groups and assign them different rooms. Here they can play quizzes and fun games – maybe even ones as simple as something on Kahoot!

4. Virtual Coffee Hour

Virtual coffee hour is as simple and relaxing as it sounds – arrange a coffee meeting with all of your teammates online and share some stories like you are around the bonfire. You can pair up another activity, like an icebreaker, to make the meeting more interesting.

Coffee hours can also be a side activity where teammates are just connected over a meeting while working. This can give them a feel of working together even when they are remote.

coffee tour

5. Virtual Tours

Tired of seeing the same four walls? Then it is time to go for a tour! Even if virtual, technology has improved to bring realistic experiences to our doorsteps. One can find a wide range of virtual tours, ranging from museum tours, and city tours, to zoos, national parks, and tours of heritage sites.

These tours can be a fresh breath of air for employees who have been continuously working, especially in remote situations. So why not arrange for a fascinating virtual tour?

Partnering with Mileage Virtual to Make Remote Work Exciting

Usually, virtual team building activities are easy to plan and execute, but sometimes your team might face unexpected issues be it technical or otherwise. This is why it is better to partner with an expert – Mileage Virtual has been in this field for several years and has helped numerous companies in the US, UK, and Singapore among other countries to conduct successful team bonding sessions!

Mileage Virtual is dedicated to making team building a success for your team – we ensure that the activities are catered according to your team’s needs and the size of the group so that there is maximum participation and enthusiasm. We also offer other services including:

  • Virtual Events Management
  • Hybrid Team Activities
  • Hybrid Events Management

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the exciting services we offer – we are here to make virtual team building in Singapore a pleasant and memorable experience!

Wrapping it Up

Virtual team building activities in Singapore are crucial for any company that gives its employees the option of remote work. With these activities, you can manage your team more effectively while also ensuring that they get some off time.

But many times, these activities might not be relaxing or entertaining for the team members. This is why it is important to team up with firms like Mileage Virtual to arrange for exciting and interesting team bonding activities and games that help your team bond better!