Virtual events were gaining ground even before the pandemic.

Virtual events are the easiest kind to organize. You can do it with minimal human power, sitting at your desk, and connecting to your target audience online. People can go in and out easily, which means they are likely to spend much more time at your event than if it were physical.

  • More viewers, participants and attendees

Virtual events organized by our company do not have the logistical limitations that in person events do.

  • Better one-on-one networking opportunities

It is easy to approach even senior leaders for a quick one-on-one, something that is next to impossible otherwise

  • Data analytics at your fingertips

We can help you see what worked and what didn’t at your virtual event, so you can do more of what everyone liked most

  • Major cost saving on logistics

You don’t have to pay for anyone to travel anywhere, nor do you have to feed them or give them overnight stays.

A virtual event can be interesting or dead boring, it all depends on how well the organizer understands the medium. RMG Mileage has been delivering virtual events much before the pandemic, you are in safe hands with us.

  • What is the server bandwidth you need?
  • Which is the best streaming platform for your event?
  • How can people talk to one another online through the event?
  • How do you hold your participants till the end?
  • What is the minimum budget you can work your event on?