Hybrid events combine the best of In Person and Virtual Events

You can have groups of people in different geographic locations mix and interact with each other almost as if they were all together in the same place. Just how is this done? Through video streaming, virtual platforms, the internet and cameras.

Sounds complicated? Its actually quite simple, given that we, RMG Mileage, have the right knowledge and resources.

  • Best of both worlds

You can provide a slickly produced high quality experience to everyone present by using the right technology, as we do

  • Saves travel time and enhances productivity

Teams need not spend hours commuting to a common location just to spend a few hours together

  • Provides opportunities to meet global leaders

The WOW factor magnifies when you bring your company CEO or leaders in contact with your team for a few minutes

  • Major cost saving on logistics

You can have a large audience and many participants in your event without huge logistical requirements

Just deciding to run a hybrid event is not enough. You must hire a company like us that understands technology, physical event management, planning the flow and structure of an event, physical event set up and streaming the event out to the world through paid and free of cost channels.

  • How many attendees will your event have?
  • Where are they all from?
  • How many physical locations do you need to connect?
  • How much interaction do you require?
  • What is the optimal duration of your event?