Hybrid Meeting Management

virtual games for remote teams


The pandemic showed us the true power of digital events. They can increase the reach of an event, and its engagement of attendees, multifold. Most corporates are now making their in-person events also multimedia and hybrid.

Interactivity is key in hybrid meeting management because of its multiplier effect on the experience of participants. Hybrid event management services play a key role in creating the best combination of immersive virtual experiences that flow seamlessly into actual ongoing physical events.

One of the biggest benefits of hybrid meeting management is that your venue no longer has a size limitation. Your in person location, whether it is a hotel or an open field, still can accommodate only maybe a thousand people. A live event can host maybe ten thousand, but a hybrid event can entertain as many as both a live and a physical event combined.

What makes for a truly successful hybrid event? This happens when the experience of the virtual attendees is as good as that of the live ones. The production of your event must transcend the physical, and become truly immersive for everyone who is at it. Good hybrid event management services can make this happen.

Good hybrid meeting management can ensure that virtual attendees do not receive a lesser version of the product – which is, in this case, the actual event. Which means that it should be more than just a live stream of what is happening.

A seamless professional live streaming set up is of course crucial. One should not underestimate the importance of that. Good quality cameras and sound equipment and a reliable live streaming platform are all important.

But good hybrid event management services can do so much more than that. They can also help make your hybrid event more interactive. You can actually get your remote participants talk to the people physically present.

Just how do you do achieve this? That is easier said than done. It requires great design and good technology. Excellent internet connectivity, especially at your in-person event. And technology to enable people in other places to access your technology on basic devices and with poor speed.

In India, where I live, almost everyone everywhere has some mobile device or the other. And internet connectivity. However, the speeds in many places are not great. Whatever technology you use to connect people virtually must be effective even in such situations.

If this is handled, how then do you make your audience into participants and not just spectators? Quite simple, by great quality content. Your objective should be not just to entertain and perform, but to engage.

Interactive elements like contests, Q&A sessions (these are quite simple to manage), live chats and even polls, can go a long way here. Place your screens cleverly, so everyone sees everyone else. Use lighting and sound effectively. Have adequate technical support to maximize everyone’ experience.

And presto, you have an interactive hybrid event that everyone felt equally involved in.

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