Virtual Games For Remote Teams

virtual games for remote teams

We all have mundane work days. And today, we all work with many people whom we see once in a way, and maybe sometimes never.

Remote team building is the only solution at that time, to make colleagues feel comfortable with one another. Get people to talk informally to one another, keep their cameras and mics on, actually see and hear one another….and you have a team that feels closely knit.

Team engagement activities virtual. That is what most of today are constantly looking for. And there are so many ideas floating around. Many of them are especially effective too.

Virtual games for remote teams must be quick, small and fun-filled. The nature of this beast called virtual meetings is such. One must always bear this in mind.

We have many such games that we use. My colleagues and I always try it all out on each other before we offer it to others. Here are some of the ones that work best:

Virtual Get to Know Each Other short games: These are games of 15 to 30 minutes duration each, depending on the number of people playing at a time. The ideal batch size is between 10 to 30 people. The best approach here is the one that has participants engaged in answering questions, seeing other people’s responses etc, individually and in teams.

Online escape rooms: Escaping from your virtual office, especially, could be huge fun! This and others that are seasonal in theme, such as around national festivals or holidays, are especially popular as team engagement activities virtual. Watch this video to see exactly how this works.

Murder Mysteries: Can you really guess who killed whom in a fun and fantasy game online? Solving mysteries, as a corporate team activity, has been popularised by us in the in person and in the remote team building space for many years now. These virtual games for remote teams are guaranteed to keep teams hooked on till they solve the whodunnit.

Navigation-based games are really interesting for remote team building. Participants log into browsers, are given challenges that require them to cruise down virtual roads, maybe even metaverses, and solve challenges or identify places together. This can give players who are actually sitting at their desks the joy of at least travelling online together.

Dumb Charades and other guessing games are always the simplest and therefore most commonly used team engagement activities virtual. These are simple for your team to play without any external assistance during your virtual team meetings. Just divide them into 2 groups. One person in each group is told a word, phrase, movie name , whatever – by the other group. This person then has to act out that phrase or book name etc in a way that would enable their team members to guess the right answer!

Quizzes are simple to organise and fun too. This again is an easy one to put together quickly for your online team gatherings. You can have questions in just about any topic you like, run the quiz on whatever is your regular office virtual meeting place, have participants shout out answers or enter them decorously in chat boxes. Always a simple and effective means to keep everyone at your meeting online happy!

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