Virtual Corporate Events

virtual games for remote teams

Virtual events are here to stay, particularly in the corporate space. Companies have realised the cost effectiveness and efficacy of running virtual corporate events as against purely physical ones.

What are the elements you must keep in mind to run successful corporate virtual events? There are just a few, and they are not complex either. But you do need virtual event management services, and that too from an experienced provider, to make your event a success.

The question that most corporates ask is…exactly how are virtual corporate events different from the regular, usual office video calls? To be honest, virtual event management services can actually make the difference.

You can give a regular call the look and feel of a real in person event. This is, in fact, the real role of the virtual event manager.

There are some key points that can make corporate virtual events particularly effective. Firstly, what is the purpose of the event? Who is its audience? External customers or internal colleagues? One can accordingly, see how best to engage those people.

This will also determine the format to be chosen by the virtual event management services provider. To start with, the format of the event. Corporate virtual events, like in person company events, can be townhalls, conference, trade shows or even family days.

Study past use cases of virtual corporate events conducted in your company could help you figure out what worked and what did not. For example, if you want to run a townhall, did your staff really feel well engaged, and attend in large numbers, when you held the program on a 3D virtual event platform with a grand walkthrough? As against a simple Zoom meet?

Next, where all are they logging in from? Accordingly, what technology should you use, and how much internet bandwidth will that consume? You may have a skip intro button if you have colleagues logging in from remote locations. Or you may avoid that if you feel everyone can more than access whatever you are showing them.

If you want interactive booths that attendees can browse through, you may choose a trade show format. Some simple questions to ask yourself, and using which you can also test the competence of your event organizer :

Is your event timeline adequately covered? From pre- registration to communicating about the event to your team and finally to post event analytics that will give you huge insights into the tastes, preferences and behaviours of your staff.

The content would, of course, be the core of your event. What are all the elements you would include, how would you communicate them most effectively, how would you make your event interactive. Just think about it as you would a physical event – participants there would be able to meet each other in small groups, ask speakers questions, relax for a bit between sessions. All this can be replicated in virtual events. And that would actually give you the greatest impact.

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